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                    Schiess 64 Used CNC Vertical Lathe


                    This is a German CNC Vertical lathe which is in excellent condition. It was remanufactured for the aircraft industry in 1997 at which time it had the Fanuc O-T CNC Control upgrade.
                    The lathe has powered vertical movement of the bridge and CNC controlled Z axis quill. The 4 position toolpost can be operated from the control.
                    The lathe is supplied with 3 grinding spindles and a large extraction system is also available if required.
                    The machine has an extensive guarding fence system which can be fitted to surround the lathe. The doors are interlocked with a safety switch system.
                    • Features
                    • 64" 4 Jaw lathe chuck
                    • 4 Hard jaws for lathe chuck.
                    • Remote manual pulse generator (MPG)
                    • Guarding with interlocks
                    • Coolant system
                    • Lubrication system
                    • Owners manual


                    Schiess 64"
                    4 Jaw chuck diameter 1625mm
                    Swing (max) 2000mm
                    Turning length (max) 1410mm
                    Quill travel 850mm
                    Spindle speed (max) 240rpm (2 ranges)
                    Main motor 37kW
                    Freighting details (L x D x H) 3600x3500x3660mm
                    Weight (approx) 18,000kg
                    Details are not binding All prices exclude GST.
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