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                  REX NP50AV-CE Pipe Threading Machine


                  The REX NP50AV-CE pipe threader provides superb quality & reliability.
                  The machine is very user friendly the pipe pipe size can be simply adjusted by turning the lever handle. Thread length can be adjusted by changing the lever contact.
                  The die head can be opened manually or automatically.
                  Maintenance if very simple also including auto stop carbon brushes to prevent motor damage.
                  The new CE model is standard with foot switch.
                  • Made in Japan
                  • Easy to use
                  • High productivity
                  • Excellent portability
                  • Auto self opening die head
                  • CE model with foot switch fitted
                  • 1/2-3/4" & 1-2" BSPT dies
                  • Powerful 700w series motor 230v
                  • complete with Fwd/Rev toggle switch
                  • 4 leg stand
                  • 2L thread cutting oil


                  REX NP50AV-CE
                  Threading capacity 1/2 - 2" BSPT
                  Rotation speed 39 rpm
                  Motor power 700w series type 230v
                  Weight 48 kg
                  Dimensions 700 x 440 x 408mm
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