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                  Baileigh MPB-10 Scroll Bender


                  Create elaborate scroll work effortlessly with this manual bender. The MPB-10 is a valuable investment for any fabrication shop working with copper, aluminum or wrought iron.

                  Recommended for: Fences and gates, railings, furniture, decorative yard art, and many other applications from production-grade to simple household projects.
                  • Handles a maximum bend capacity of 1-1/8" (28.5mm) wide x 3/8" (9.5mm) thick wrought iron.
                  • Includes 3 different sizes of scrolling attachments.
                  • Large 8.25" round table fits standard attachments.
                  • Heavy-duty bending lever transfers the power to the scrolling head, multiplying your force for easy operation.
                  • Produces radius bends, spirals, and all sorts of curlicues.
                  • Heavy cast-iron frame won't buckle under pressure.


                  MPB-10 Capacities
                  Capacity Square 10mm
                  Capacity Round 10mm
                  Capacity Flat Bar 30mm x 10mm
                  Power Manual
                  Shipping Weight 27kg
                  Shipping Dimensions 560mm x 305mm x 230mm
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