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                  METALEX BP1250x2LF Folder, Box and Pan c/w Angle DRO


                  Box & pan segmented sliding long finger design
                  Manual operation
                  Simple manual back gauge
                  Eccentric top beam clamping
                  Large clearance behind top tool
                  Low interference via top tool angle
                  Removable bottom segmented tooling
                  Digital bending angle display (Image 2)


                  Model BP1250x2LF
                  Maximum length 1250mm
                  Material thickness 2mm
                  Bending angle 0 - 130 degrees
                  Bending depth (box depth) 150mm
                  Opening of clamping beam 130mm
                  Machine weight kg 900 kg
                  Machine Dimensions L x D x H 2100 x 1000 x 1600mm
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