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                  B S E Single Drum Decoiler, 1250mm x 1T, Side Loading

                  BSE is a company founded as a local manufacturer of forming machines for guttering market. Over the years BSE has gained excellent experience in the welding of innovative materials, such as zinc-titanium. Now, constantly expanding its range of machines, it is able to meet the needs of the sheet metal and roofing sector by providing a quality Italian manufactured product.
                  • Features:
                  • Expanding mandrel
                  • Disk brake
                  • Large roller bearings
                  • Coil ID 420-500mm
                  • Sizes available:
                  • 1000mm x 1.0 Tons
                  • 1250mm x 1.0 Tons
                  • Optional:
                  • Floor standing frame instead of wheels
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