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                  B S E 1250 x 1.2mm Slitting & Cut To Length Line

                  BSE is a company founded as a local manufacturer of forming machines for guttering market. Over the years BSE has gained excellent experience in the welding of innovative materials, such as zinc-titanium. Now, constantly expanding its range of machines, it is able to meet the needs of the sheet metal and roofing sector by providing a quality Italian manufactured product.
                  • Main Features
                  • Adjustable Entry Guide with handwheel and trapezoid screw
                  • Straightened with three unpowered, hardened steel rolls. Top rolls 60mm dia, bottom rolls 50mm dia; with adjustable upper roll by means of handwheels.
                  • Rubber coated Pinch Rolls. Diameter 110mm; driven by a 3 HP geared motor. Up- downstroking of upper roll by means of air cylinders and valve with hand lever. (Pressure adjustment 0,5 to 8 Bar)
                  • Slitter Head with 100mm diameter shafts mounted on conical bearings; 150mm diameter circular knives, of quick-clamp type with screws
                  • Three couples of circular knives in special K110 steel
                  • Lifting of upper shaft by means of a geared jack, & handwheel
                  • Automatic recognition of the slitting cycle
                  • Electronic system to stop the last cut sheet under the circular knives
                  • 1250mm guillotine shear, of rugged construction operated by hydraulic cylinders; with 2 HP hydraulic power pack
                  • Adjustable material feeding speed from 0 to 25m / min with touch screen type control
                  • Incremental Encoder, 5000 pulse/rev.
                  • Numerical Control SIPRO SIAX 80
                  • Interface with SIPRO touch screen type control panel to input the parts sizes and quantities
                  • Storage capacity for, up to 20 different lengths with unlimited number of parts per-size
                  • Cut length accuracy +/- 1mm/3000mm
                  • Process material thickness max. 1.2mm with R= 360/mm2
                  • European CE Tension 400 volt 3ph 50 hz.
                  • Optional:
                  • Additional couple of circular knives
                  • Decoilers, powered or undriven
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