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                  Spiro Foldmaster

                  The fast and easy way to produce the highest quality duct work.

                  SPIRO廬 offer the best in the business 2 year warranty.

                  Main Features:
                  鈥?For seaming rectangular and square ducts
                  鈥?Operation start by foot pedal
                  鈥?Full length duct support
                  鈥?Eliminates the need of roll forming or flanging
                  • 鈥?Included option of MASTIC KIT SOLUTION, AUTOMATIC:
                  • This completely automatic mastic solution seals the duct seam during the closing process in your Spiro廬 SMART-Closer.
                  • It creates a tight and clean duct seam without visible sealant
                  • Technical Data:
                  • 0.5 鈥?1.0mm galvanized
                  • Power and pneumatic supply:
                  • 3 phase / 400V / 50 or 60Hz
                  • 6bar, min 200l/min
                  Details are not binding All prices exclude GST.
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