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                  Spiro Florett Plasma Cutter, v.3

                  The 3rd generation of the market leading Plasma Cutter is developed and designed with the HVAC Industry in main focus.

                  This machine offers the most efficient solution and highest output for any HVAC workshop. The latest version of the professional PC based controller Spiro廬 HS comes with a whole range of new state of the art features.

                  Our machine always includes the complete HVAC software package, no compromise. Together with the rigid and accurate table design the Spiro廬 Plasma Florett will serve your company for decades to come.

                  Spiro CAM is a brand new software which have most of the functions from CAMduct, but has a more modern and easier user interface.

                  SPIRO廬 offer the best in the business 2 year warranty.
                  • Main Features
                  • SPIRO HS controller built on a industrial PC designed for tough environment
                  • State of the art user interface with a large size color touch screen
                  • LAN, Wi-Fi or USB interface
                  • Reverse, go back and re-cut
                  • Step forward/backward functionality
                  • Chose starting point, any part or contour
                  • Rip cut from any position
                  • Remote assistance feature included, easy set-up
                  • Technical Data:
                  • Work area 3000mm x 1500mm
                  • Integrated exhaust system
                  • Synchronized belt drive in X-axis for highest precision
                  • Enforced belt driven linear unit for Y-axis (bridge), superior lifetime
                  • Servomotor with high precision gearbox drive X and Y-axis
                  • Traverse speed up to 40 m/min

                  • Plasma unit:
                  • Hypertherm Powermax 65-CE
                  • Start up package of consumables included

                  • Power and Pneumatic supply:
                  • 400V / 3-phases / 50Hz
                  • 6bar, min 200l/min
                  Details are not binding All prices exclude GST.
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