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                  Spiro Litelocker

                  The Spiro廬 Litelocker is a sturdy and advanced button lock machine. It enables up to 3 plates of sheet metal to be firmly joined together (cold forming) without incurring any damages to the sheet metal surface. The press force is made by using a pneumo-hydraulic system.

                  SPIRO廬 offer the best in the business 2 year warranty.
                  • Main Features:
                  • Eliminate the work of drilling rivet holes
                  • No damage to galvanized or painted surfaces
                  • Sturdy and rigid frame design
                  • Low maintenance requirements and noise level
                  • Various types of tools, suitable for both rectangular and round HVAC fittings
                  • Laser point to seam a straight line
                  • Technical Data:
                  • Length of arm 400mm
                  • Minimum tube 脴80mm
                  • Capacity 80 stroke/min
                  • Pre stroke 52mm
                  • Press stroke 8mm
                  • Total stroke 60mm
                  • Material:
                  • 2 x 1.5mm galvanized steel
                  • 3 x 1.0mm galvanized steel
                  • 2 x 0.8mm stainless steel
                  • Flanging speed:
                  • Max 80m/min, depending on material
                  • Production time:
                  • 120 sec. (bend 脴 200mm, 90擄 / 4 segments)
                  • Material:
                  • 0.4 鈥?1.25mm mild steel
                  • 0.4 鈥?1.25mm galvanized steel
                  • 0.4 鈥?0.8mm stainless steel
                  • 0.6 鈥?1.25mm aluminium
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