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                  Spiro Combi-T Gorelocker

                  GORELOCKER COMBI-T

                  This is an original lockseam machine manufactured of high quality machine parts. A genuine product from the world鈥檚 leading manufacturer of machines for the HVAC-industry.

                  This high production Gorelocker produces standing lockseam elbows and reducers. The high flexibility
                  is achieved by means of 2 separate workstations: a flanging station and seam closing station.
                  Thus the machine is always ready for operation without time-consuming conversion. The standing
                  seam reduces welding to just one longitudinal seam and improves rigidity

                  SPIRO廬 offer the best in the business 2 year warranty.

                  Unique Features:
                  鈥?Dual working station
                  鈥?Maximum flexibility with no equipment change
                  鈥?Constant quality / High production speed
                  鈥?High capacity with material thickness up to 1.5mm
                  鈥?Virtually no maintenance, no lubrication necessary
                  鈥?High quality parts and all rotating tools are made of hardened steel
                  鈥?High quality seams
                  • Main Features:
                  • 2 separate workstations: a flanging station and seam closing station.
                  • Hydraulically powered
                  • SPIRO original angular seam locking device
                  • Compact and rigid design
                  • Technical Data:
                  • Diameter range:
                  • 脴125 to 1250mm
                  • Max angle per segment:
                  • 30擄 (90擄 elbows consists of 4 parts)
                  • Flanging speed:
                  • Max 120m/min, depending on material
                  • Production time:
                  • 90 sec. (bend 脴 200mm, 90擄 / 4 segments)
                  • Material:
                  • 0.4 鈥?1.5mm mild steel
                  • 0.4 鈥?1.5mm galvanized steel
                  • 0.4 鈥?1.0mm stainless steel
                  • 0.6 鈥?1.5mm aluminium
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