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                  Spiro 1602 Tubeformer, Standard Edition

                  The Tubeformer 1602 is the most sold Tubeformer model in the world!

                  This state-of-the-art Tubeformer convinces with reliability, performance-driven approach, stability, and has the proven qualities for what Spiro廬 stands for.

                  "The world鈥檚 best tubeformer revolutionized an entire industry"

                  The Tubeformer 1602 / 3600 is custom-tailored through its configurations that brings the user the comfort of producing only what he needs and provides the option to expand and adapt the machine functionality in the future.

                  SPIRO廬 offer the best in the business 2 year warranty.
                  • Main Features:
                  • Frequency controlled main drive
                  • Control panel with easy to use interface, buttons for rough environment
                  • Programmable automatic length control system
                  • Cut to length with SPIRO FLYING SLITTER, basic tooling included
                  • Run-Off table with discharge and receiving ramp, max 3m tube length
                  • Vertical decoiler, DCV-1000, as standard the decoiler is delivered to be loaded from the operator side of the machine
                  • Corrugation unit 2C for inside or outside stiffening
                  • Monitoring production output
                  • Hydraulically controlled drive roller pressure
                  • Hydraulically operated clinching roller
                  • Form roll unit No.1A, 0.4鈥?.6 x 137mm
                  • Form roll unit No.3, 0.7-1.0 x 137mm
                  • Technical Data:
                  • Diameter range:
                  • 脴80 to 1600mm*
                  • Strip:
                  • 0.4-1.0 x 137mm galvanized
                  • 1.1-1.3 x 140mm galvanized*
                  • 0.4-0.8 x 137mm stainless steel*
                  • Coil data:
                  • Max weight 1000kg
                  • Coil 脴 min 508mm, max 1200mm
                  • Corrugation:
                  • Min 脴250mm
                  • Max strip thickness 1.3mm galvanized
                  • Performance Tested / Guaranteed (duct of 3 m length)
                  • 0.5 mm (0,020鈥欌€? thickness 鈥?100 mm (4鈥? diameter 鈥?Up to 250 Ducts/hour with SSC
                  • 0.7 mm (0,028鈥欌€? thickness 鈥?500 mm (20鈥欌€? diameter 鈥?Up to 85 Ducts/hour
                  • 0.9 mm (0,035鈥欌€? thickness 鈥?1250 mm (50鈥欌€? diameter 鈥?Up to 40 Ducts/hour
                  • 1.25 mm (0,049鈥欌€? thickness 鈥?1600 mm (64鈥欌€? diameter 鈥?Up to 24 Ducts/hour
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