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                  Baileigh PH-28A Pneumatic Power Hammer

                  Shrink and stretch with air! The compact, USA-made PH-28A hits much harder than traditional pneumatic power hammers. You can even use a thumbnail shrinker die (included).


                  鈥?28鈥?throat can handle larger panels than the MH-19 can.
                  鈥?Stretches, shrinks, and planishes up to 16 gauge mild steel.
                  鈥?Variable speed from 0 to 1,000 beats per minute.
                  鈥?Runs on 120 psi compressed air.
                  鈥?Regulator on the side lets you control the airflow.
                  鈥?Air-powered system is much quieter than a mechanical machine.
                  鈥?Foot pedal operation keeps your hands free to move the material.
                  鈥?Quick-release handle on the front allows you lift the tool up and take the material out.
                  鈥?Comes with tooling sets:
                  2鈥?thumbnail shrinking dies.
                  2.5鈥?master flat top die.
                  1鈥?linear stretch die.
                  12鈥? 24鈥? and 36鈥?radius dies.
                  鈥?Oiler system on the side can deliver oil directly to the tool for convenient maintenance.
                  鈥?You can add an optional planishing hammer attachment to the side to create an all-in-one machine.
                  鈥?Small footprint is perfect for home shops or production facilities.
                  鈥?Heavy 陸鈥?steel plate frame avoids flex and ensures that the machine鈥檚 force fully transfers to the material for high-quality results.


                  Model Baileigh PH-28A Power Hammer
                  Speed 0-1000 beats/min (variable)
                  Mild Steel Capacity 1.6mm (16ga)
                  Aluminium Capacity 2.1mm (14ga)
                  Tooling Height Adjustment 50mm
                  Throat Depth 710mm
                  Shipping Dimensions 1525mm x 1120mm x 1960mm (3.32m3)
                  Shipping weight 465kg
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