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Gemma Group Autocut 500 Non-ferrous automatic up cutting saw

The Italian Gemma Group Non-Ferrous series of cold saws provides the cleanest cuts in solid or extruded aluminium, PVC and copper.
These machines provide straight burr-free cuts, and safe operation without sparks or heat.
The Non Ferrous series is available in all stages of automation. From manual to fully automatic and are built to last.
It has a touch screen for programming the cut list, which can also be loaded andsaved in CSV format via USB or Ethernet connection.
  • Made in Italy
  • Brushless feeding motor
  • Bar end detection
  • Spray mist lubrication
  • Clamping with extremely rigid bridge system
  • Standard Accessories:
  • 500mm TCT blade
  • Vertical and horizontal clamps
  • Pneumatic spray mist lubrication
  • Central support for small profiles
  • Air gun / air filter

  • Optional Accessories:
  • Spare blades
  • Housing for 550mm blade + 5.5kW motor
  • 3m infeed roller ( As shown in image )


Model Autocut 500
Rectangular capacity 140mm x 140mm or 300mm x 100mm (with 500mm blade)
Minimum cut length 5mm
Maximum feed stroke 660mm (will multi-feed)
Cutting speed 73m/sec
Blade size 500mm (550mm optional)
Blade speed 2800rpm
Spindle diameter 30mm
Motor 3.7kW, three phase
Weight 680kg
Machine size 1600 x 800 x 1650
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