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                    MEP Tiger 352 MA Circular Cold Saw, 4 Speed, Pneumatic vice

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                    -Product Description
                    TIGER 352 manual vertical sawing machine to cut from 60潞 left to 45潞 right, with HSS blade.
                    The vice on the TIGER 352 MA (pneumatic vice) opens and closes by means of a manually operated valve (or by means of a foot pedal which is instead optional).

                    Quality Italian manufactured
                    Sawing head movement on double linear guides with preloaded slides with recirculating ball screws.
                    Electrical panel (wiring totally identifiable, main lockable isolation switch, motor magneto-thermal overload, minimum tension coil, protection against missing phase, low tension safety device 24v
                    Low voltage IP55 control handle.
                    Rotating table on a centre pin with axial bearing which allows higher precision on the cutting angle set.
                    Double set of gears to obtain a high performance.
                    Four blade speeds achieved via high/low gearbox & high/low motor speed switch
                    15/30/45/90 rpm making it suitable for stainless steel as well as mild steels
                    Vice with anti burr device with double clamping of the piece.
                    Adjustable rod measure stop to make cuts of the same length with measured steel rod.
                    Stock support arm with roller pre-disposed to mount loading table.
                    Steel base with chip drawer and removable coolant tray.
                    Electrical pump for the blade lubrication and cooling.
                    Comes complete with Stark HSS blade 350 x 32 x 2.5mm
                    • Optional:
                    • Loading tables
                    • Unloading tables
                    • Foot pedal option for 352MA
                    • 30/60/90/180 rpm version


                    MEP Tiger 352 MA
                    Capacity Striaght +/-45deg +60deg
                    Round section 115mm 95mm 90mm
                    Square section 95mm 95mm 90mm
                    Square solid 90mm 64mm 45mm
                    Rectangular section 180x95mm 125x95mm 90x90mm
                    Blade size 350x32x2.5mm
                    Blade speed 15/30/45/90 rpm (30/30/90/180 rpm optional)
                    Motor power 1.8/2.5kW 415V 3 Ph
                    Floor size 1050x960
                    Weight 380kg
                    Shipping 1.72m3 400kg
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