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                  Cosen C tech C-3 Fully Automatic Double Column Bandsaw

                  Cosen's C tech series C-3 incorporates a 5.6 kW powerful blade motor, 41 mm blade, facilitated control panel, and heavy-duty gantry design. These features create a very rigid, dynamically stable and productive machine. The linear guide ways ensure smooth saw frame movement and consistently stable cutting force required throughout the cutting cycle; thereby, increasing the cutting efficiency and extending blade life.
                  • Standard Features:
                  • 7鈥?HMI Touch Screen & Mitsubishi PLC Controller
                  • 100 Individual Jobs Programmable and Recalling
                  • Automatic Kerf Compensation
                  • 鈥淪ave-A-Blade鈥?Function
                  • Instant Reading on Blade Speed and Cutting Rate
                  • Motor Ampere Display
                  • Blade Life, Blade Height Display
                  • First Automatic Cut
                  • Inverter-Controlled Infinitely Variable Blade Speed
                  • Saw Frame Travel via High Precision Linear Guide Way
                  • Automatic Guide Arm Positioning
                  • Vibration Damper
                  • Automatic Hydraulic Blade Tensioning
                  • Standard Features cont.:
                  • Double Retracting Vices
                  • Split Front Vice
                  • Full Stroke Hydraulic Cylinder
                  • Quality Taiwanese Manufacturing
                  • CE Compliance

                  • Options Included by Scott Machinery:
                  • Planetary gearbox upgrade
                  • Deviation Detection
                  • Hydraulic Chip Conveyor
                  • Hydraulic Top Clamp
                  • Vise Pressure Regulator
                  • 2M Heavy Duty Roller Table


                  Cosen C tech C-3
                  Round capacity 360mm
                  Rectangular capacity (H x W) 360 x 400mm
                  Blade speed 20 - 100 m/min
                  Blade size 4880 x 41 x 1.3mm
                  Balde tension Hydraulic
                  Blade motor 5.6kW (7.5 HP)
                  Hydraulic motor 1.5kW (2 HP)
                  Automatic index length 500mm
                  Rest piece 50mm
                  Workbed height 790mm /836.5mm
                  Nett machine weight 2,500 kg
                  Gross weight 3,000 kg
                  Floor space (W x L x H) 2.8 x 2.31 x 2.015m
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