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                  Cosen G-320NC Fully Automatic Double Column NC Bandsaw

                  Cosen's G320 is a rigid dual-column high production machine which incorporates a massive base, sturdy saw frame, with an extremely heavy duty gear box, a 3.75kW (5HP) drive motor.
                  User friendly programmable control and a modern new look with partial clear guarding. The Smart NC-100 technology is programmable up to 100 different jobs including quantity and length of cut with Automatic Multiple Indexing & Automatic Kerf Compensation. Cutting information such as blade speed, downfeed speed, blade life and error message is clearly displayed for ease of use.

                  Cosen have redesigned their flagship C-320NC model for the European market and introduced it as the new G-320NC model. The new design incorporates the following features and redesign over the C-320NC.
                  鈥?Redesigned aesthetics
                  鈥?Window style full guarding
                  鈥?Blade deviation detector
                  鈥?Redesigned full stroking vices
                  鈥?Increased capacity
                  • Quality Taiwanese Manufacturing
                  • Twin column
                  • 5.7" HMI Touch screen & Mitsubishi PLC
                  • SNC100 Programmable control (100 jobs)
                  • Automatic kerf compensation
                  • Save-a blade- function
                  • Hydraulic shuttle vice
                  • Full stroking vices
                  • Hydraulic blade tension
                  • Automatic quick approach
                  • Blade breakage detector
                  • Carbide blade guides
                  • Invertor variable blade speed control
                  • Coolant to blade
                  • Cutting accuracy +/- 0.2mm per stroke
                  • Hydraulic chip conveyor

                  • Included options:
                  • Vibration dampener
                  • Nesting fixture
                  • 2m Heavy duty roller table
                  • Vice pressure regulator
                  • Blade deviation detector
                  • Micro switches on blade cover doors for additional safety


                  Cosen G-320NC
                  Round capacity 325mm
                  Rectangular capacity (W x H) 380 x 325mm
                  Blade size 4242 x 34 x 1.1mm
                  Blade speed range 20 - 100 m/min
                  Feeding length 403mm max 9999mm
                  Table / bed height 790mm
                  Saw blade motor 5hp 3.75kw 415v
                  Hydraulic motor 1hp 0.75kw 415v
                  Nett machine weight 2,000 kg
                  Floor space W x D x H 2420 x 2020 x 1670mm
                  Shipping cubic m / kg 2,200 kg
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