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                  Hydmech V-25APC Automatic Vertical Mitering Band Saw

                  Quality Canadian Manufacturing
                  • Standard Machine Features
                  • 6 degree canted head allows for efficient cutting and improved blade life
                  • 1500 mm bar feed, left side
                  • Shuttle features automatic multi-indexing up to 1500 mm (3000 mm optional) in a single stroke with automatic kerf compensation.
                  • Powered by a rack and pinion servo drive.
                  • Automatic programmable mitering with "go to" angle functionality from 60deg left to 60deg right
                  • Hydraulic head tilt
                  • Cast iron band wheels
                  • Automatic PLC, touch screen control programmable up to 1000 jobs with 20 in queue.
                  • Two full stroking hydraulic vises
                  • Hydraulically powered, programmable guide arm attached to saw column.
                  • 7.5 kW VFD. True direct blade drive 鈥?no belts/pulleys
                  • Blade chamber separates material from cut part
                  • Hydraulic chip conveyor
                  • Replaceable blade brush
                  • Robust steel base
                  • Out of stock switch
                  • Blade breakage switch
                  • Easy access electrical panel and hydraulics
                  • Pop-up feed roller, opposite bar feed
                  • Hydraulic band tensioning with digital readout
                  • Replaceable carbide guide inserts
                  • 3 HP hydraulic pump provides system pressure
                  • Safety door interlocks
                  • Flood coolant with wash down hose
                  • Laser light
                  • Work light
                  • Optional Machine Features:
                  • Chip bucket with pump
                  • Hydraulic overhead bundling
                  • Mist lubrication
                  • Variable vise pressure
                  • Tall square vise inserts
                  • Out feed vise
                  • Right side infeed shuttle
                  • Bridge/interface bracket
                  • Powered bridge/interface bracket
                  • Idler conveyors
                  • Powered conveyors


                  Hydmech V-25APC
                  Capacity Rectantular (H x W) Square Round
                  90 degrees 762 x 635 mm 635 x 635 mm 635mm
                  L/R 45 degrees 533 x 635mm 533 x 533mm 533mm
                  R 60 degrees 368 x 635mm 368 x 368mm 368mm
                  L 60 degrees 342 x 635mm 342 x 342mm 342mm
                  Blade size 6414 x 41mm
                  Blade drive 7.5 kW VFD
                  Blade speed 22 - 106 m/min
                  Machine weight 6818 kg
                  Table height 1117mm
                  Dimensions (W x L x H) 4013x6451x3124
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