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                    Optimum GB250B Bench 250mm, Single End Wire Buffer, 415v 2 speed


                    Durable industrial design with maintenance-free motor

                    Long service life and smooth running due to balanced rotor with quality ball bearings

                    Housing made of strand cast aluminium for Bench Mounting

                    Ideal for deburring tubes, profiles and flat work pieces made from metal

                    Tool rest allows for fast and convenient initial grinding of work pieces.

                    Full guarded

                    2 speed 415V motor

                    *Props not included
                    • Bench Mount

                    • Tool rest

                    • 250mm Diameter High tensile steel wire wheel.

                    • Circumferential speed 37.3m/s at 2580 RPM

                    • Speed 2850 RPM /1450 RPM via 2 speed switch

                    • Extraction socket diameter 50mm
                    • 36Kg
                    • Optional:
                    • Floor stand


                    OPTIMUM GB250B
                    Wheel size 250 x 40mm, 24mm bore
                    Motor 1.8/1.3Kw 415v 3ph
                    Speed 2850 RPM/ 1450 RPM
                    Size 415w x 467d x 365h
                    Weight 36Kg
                    Shipping Cubic .01 39Kg
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