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                  Tailift HPS1250X Servo Hydraulic CNC Turret punch, C/w Fanuc Oi-PD CNC control

                  Taiwan鈥檚 leading manufacturer of sheet metal working machines with over 25 years experience building CNC turret punches. Tailift CNC turret punch presses are outstanding machines for punching and forming. Tailift offers a variety of models with a wide working size ranging to 4980mm. They are ideal for manufacturing a variety of products such as precision enclosures, control cabinets, and aerospace parts.
                  All machines are built safety standard ISO 9001 and with CE accreditation.

                  Parts introduction:
                  Turret 鈥?Large turret design, with two concentric circle tool stations. 34 tool stations with two 2B auto-index stations. All standard thick turret tools from Mate, Wilson or Amada compatible are accepted. Hardened steel bushings for all tool stations increase durability and precision, these are easily replaceable in the event of damage.
                  Supporting ball set 鈥?Rising balls on the machine table to support sheet loading
                  Distortion sensor 鈥?To detect sheet distortion and shut down the machine to protect the turret and tools from potential damage
                  Air blow system 鈥?Provide lubrication directly to tools to extend tool life
                  Solenoid valve 鈥?German made Bosch pneumatic solenoid valve to ensure the precise execution of all commands
                  Control cabinet 鈥?Module assembly. Fully automated equipment inspection.
                  FANUC controller 鈥?The most sophisticated and advanced CNC controller in the world. With worldwide branches to provide fast and complete after sales service.
                  • Standard accessories
                  • CAD/CAM software package
                  • Two auto index stations (2B type 1-1/4")
                  • 34 Turret stations
                  • 3 pneumatic sheet clamps
                  • Tooling assembly jig
                  • Ball and brush work table
                  • 512kb memory capacity
                  • 4 sets anti-vibration feet
                  • Optional
                  • Tapping attachment M3-M6 thread
                  • Extension table
                  • Custom tooling to suit your requirements


                  Model HPS1250X
                  Punch capacity (ton) 20
                  X traverse length (mm) 2490
                  Y traverse length (mm) 1250
                  Max sheet size (mm) 1250 x 4980
                  Max sheet thickness (mm) 6.35
                  Max blank weight (kg) 110
                  X traverse axis speed (m/min) 55
                  Y axis traverse speed (m/min) 50
                  Max traverse speed (m/min) 74
                  Punch speed - 25mm between holes (hits/min) 360
                  Nibbling speed (hits/min) 600
                  Tooling type Thick turret
                  Max punch diameter (mm) 88.9
                  Number of tool stations 34
                  Number of auto-index (B type) 2
                  Turret rotation (rpm) 40
                  Auto-index rotation (rpm) 50
                  Ram stroke (mm) 0-31
                  Table type Brush/ball
                  No of sheet clamps 2
                  Power supply (KVA) 30
                  Compressed air pressure (psi) 72.5
                  Oil tank volume (L) 250
                  Machine dimensions (L x W x H) 4395 x 2635 x 2630
                  Net weight (KG approx) 11000
                  Control cabinet dimensions 1200 x 600 x 1900
                  CNC controller Fanuc Oi-PD
                  Number of controllable axes 4
                  RAM (kb) 512
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