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Dener CNC Smart XL 4500-220 Hydraulic Pressbrake, With ESA 630 CNC Control

DENER MAKINA was established in 1974 in Kayseri/TURKEY and is a manufacturer of NC and CNC Hydraulic Pressbrakes, NC Swingbeam and CNC Rake Angle Shears, Plasma Cutters, Corner Notchers and Folding Machines.

Since the very first beginning, DENER has had the philosophy of the production with best quality and high technology with ISO 9001 Quality Control Management System and European Safety Standards.

DENER MAKINA is one of the leading Turkish Brands in Sheetmetal Working Machinery with a large 18,000 m2 factory with skilled and qualified workers, and today DENER Machines are sold all over the world through their dealer network.

Many length & tonnage configurations available - Contact us to discuss your bending requirements
  • Features:
  • CNC control via an ESA 630 CNC control with 2D graphical 10in touch screen display
  • 3 Axis, Y1, Y2, X
  • Manual crowning
  • Large daylight, stroke and throat
  • The electric-hydraulic servo system, together with the world famous linear displacement sensor, ensures the highest controlling precision, bending accuracy and repositioning accuracy reaching the highest level.
  • The machine can be adopted with Wila hydraulic auto-clamp device or quick clamp for punch according to the customers requirement increasing the work efficiency.
  • The highest grade international componentry is used throughout the manufacturing process.

  • Note - Image shows 4000x220 ton model
  • Standard Accessories:
  • Side & rear guarding
  • Eurostamp 1281 top tooling H=104.65mm T/M=100
  • Eurostamp 2067 bottom tool (16, 22, 35 & 50mm vee) T/M=80
  • Quick release top tool clamping with lever, single side
  • Two front sheet supports and gauging arms mounted on linear rails
  • DSP laser guarding
  • Remote foot pedal with emergency stop
  • Two easily movable back gauge fingers with manually adjustable height (R axis)
  • Manual crowning
  • CE confirmation
  • Note - Supplied without hydraulic oil


Model CNC Smart XL 4500-220
Capacity 220 ton x 4,500mm
Pressing Force 2,200Kn
Working Length 4,500mm
Distance Between Frames 3,650mm
Stroke of Ram 350mm
Depth of Throat 450mm
Daylight Opening 600mm
Back Gauge Stroke 650mm
Table Width 90mm
Approach Speed 140mm/s
Working Speed 10mm/s
Return Speed 130mm/s
Volume of Oil Tank 300Lt
Motor Power 3 Phase 22kW
Width 4,800mm
Depth 2,590mm
Height 3,050mm
Weight of Machine (approx) 13,550kg approx
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