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                  TRAK VMC7 Toolroom Maching Centre

                  Powered by ProtoTRAK.
                  You've Got This.

                  The ProtoTRAK RMX for Toolroom Machining Centres is packed full of advanced technology to make the most of this truly unique machine. It features everything you would expect from a ProtoTRAK toolroom CNC, plus the ability to run production jobs with the flip of a switch.
                  - Easy To Use Touchscreen
                  - TRAKing and Electronic Handwheels, optional
                  - Manual and CNC Operation
                  - Powerful Solid Model Graphics
                  - Synchronized Tool Table
                  - Enhanced ProtoTRAK Assistance
                  - Auto Geometry Engine
                  - Prompted Programming Events
                  - Defaults and User Profiles
                  • The Versatile Machine That Works Two Ways:
                  • PRODUCTION OPS
                  • It's a full featured 3 axis machining centre when you need to run low volume production. The amazing new ProtoTRAK RMX CNC delivers a powerful easy-to-use interface.
                  • Low Volume/High Mix Jobs
                  • 16-station Tool Changer
                  • Powerful, Intuitive Tool Table
                  • Door Closed and Interlocked
                  • Complies with ANSI B11
                  • TOOLROOM OPS
                  • With the flip of a switch, you enter into Toolroom Ops. Now your VMC works like our popular ProtoTRAK RMX range, only with an enclosure that keeps chips and coolant contained.
                  • Optional electronic handwheels allow you to crank the table and saddle for that familiar feel of working a manual machine. Transition from manual operations to 2 and 3-axis CNC.
                  • Manual with DRO, 2 or 3-axis
                  • Optional Handwheels X, Y and Z
                  • TRAKing
                  • Contain Chips and Coolant
                  • Options
                  • Electronic Handwheels
                  • Offline Programming
                  • Remote Stop/Go Switch
                  • Internal Memory Drive
                  • Auxiliary Functions
                  • DXF File Converter
                  • Parasolid File Converter


                  Model TRAK VMC7
                  Table size 900mm x 500mm
                  Travel (X,Y,Z) 762mm x 508mm x 508mm
                  Spindle Taper BT40
                  Spindle Speed Range 50 - 8,000 RPM
                  ATC Tool Capacity 16
                  ATC Type Carousel
                  Spindle Motor HP (peak) 11.2 kW (15hp)
                  Spindle Motor HP (continuous) 7.45 kW (10hp)
                  Power Requirements 415V, 3ph, 50Hz
                  Maximum Weight of Workpiece 450 kg
                  Rapid Traverse in Toolroom Ops 10 m/min
                  Rapid Traverse in Production Ops 25 m/min
                  Weight Net 3,795 kg
                  Shipping Dimensions 2650mm x 2300mm x 2500mm = 15.25m3, 3,950 kg
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