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                  MEP Spray mist kit Shark SXI/CCS 24Vac

                  This micro-lubrication system is designed primarily for the use in metal cutting processes to enable the replacement of flood type water soluble coolants.
                  The system delivers a precise minimal quantity of "heavier than air" lubricating oil droplets to the cutting edge, so there is no misting effect on the atmosphere, and the lubricating oil is consumed in the machining process, so just a small quantity of oil does the job.

                  The lubricant & air is delivered through a coaxial hose to the saw saddle nozzle.
                  This system will consume approximately 15ml of lubricant per hour of cutting time.

                  NO harmful misting BETTER surface finish
                  NO hazardous waste disposal Dry chips (Swarf)
                  LESS time spent cleaning parts Less machine downtime
                  SAFER, cleaner working environment Cost reduction

                  24V ac control.
                  Can be easily retrofitted to most bandsaws.
                  Also available for 24Vdc control circuits.

                  Kits available for most bandsaws & circular saws.
                  Details are not binding All prices exclude GST.
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