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Homge HPAQ160F Multipower Fixed Angle CNC Machine Vice


  • Contructed of high grade materials with Slideways HARDENED TO HRC50 to ensure high accuracy and durability.
  • Equipped with CHIP PROTECTION COVER. Prevents chips getting into the vice and avoids any possible damage to internal parts.
  • ANGLE-LOCK MECHANISM provides downward pressure on Jaw during clamping ensuring Jaws remain parallel and work is held accurately. Jaws can be mounted at the back of base jaws.
  • The patented MULTI-POWER SYSTEM built of HIGH GRADE BEARING STEEL provides extremely high clamping pressure. The pressure is more consistent and eliminates all leakage and maintenance problems associated with Hydraulic Vices.
  • New front mounting style with fixed front vice jaw


Model Jaw width Opening Clamping force Weight
HPAQ-160F 168mm 300mm 7000kg 70kg
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