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Homge TV Series Precision Angle Lock Machine Vices, Super Open

  • Super-Big Jaw Opening: 10" for TV-6" and 12" for TV-8"
  • Advanced clamping style by front pulling which enhances the clamping force and its accuracy
  • Constructed with wider fixed jaw by 4 bolts locked on top and larger keyway to ensure accuracy and durability
  • Two sides of the Vice body can be used as datum surfaces
  • 3000kg Clamping force
  • Both sides of Slideways are HEAT TREATED.
  • Iron Leadscrew Cover protects Leadscrew from swarf.
  • ANGLE LOCK MECHANISM creates downward pressure on Jaw ensuring both jaws are parallel during clamping.
  • Needle Bearing Thrust Collar cuts friction and increases clamping pressures 80%.
  • Dust Collars on the Leadnut prevent chips and dirt damaging the Nut and ensures long life of the Vice
  • High tensile cast iron body
  • Hardened and ground slideways
  • Hardened alloy steel jaws

  • Optional :
  • Swivel base


Model Jaw Width Maximum Jaw Opening Weight Price Excl GST
TV-6" SUPER-OPEN 10" 156mm 250mm 36 kg $760.00
TV-8" SUPER-OPEN 12" 204mm 305mm 62 kg $1,190.00
Details are not binding All prices exclude GST.
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