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Electronica Magna S1 & S2 Encoder Systems

The Magna encoder systems come in two basic profiles known as S1 & S2.

The S1 profile is a single depth extrusion designed for applications where a tape only solution is not suitable due to an uneven or non-continuous mounting surface.

The S2 profile is a double depth extrusion offering significant support over longer lengths or where a fully guided reader-head system is required. The S2 system is also available in a modular form for lengths of up to 30m which can be fully guided where required.

Each scale is supplied complete with mounting brackets and scale covers.
  • Mounted magnetic encoder technology
  • IP67 high shock and vibration rated sensor.
  • Simple to install
  • Lengths from 100mm to 30000mm
  • Non-contact system
  • High operating speeds of up to 10m/s
  • High reliability
  • High tolerance to shock and vibration
  • Low profile.
  • Low over-travel (78mm)
  • OEM customisation available
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001:2000


Mechanical Specification
Technology Magna (Magnetic)
Power +5V DC (+/-5%)
Current consumtion 150mA (typical)
Output signal RS422 (TTL)
IP protection class IP67
Operating temerature 0 - 50 degree
Max cable length 20m
Cable type Armoured
Performance Specification
Resolution 1, 5, & 10 micron options
Accuracy +/-10 micron (+/-5 micron optional)
Repeat accuracy 1 resolution count
Referance mark Periodic (50mm spacing)
Operating speed (un-guided) 10m/s (max)
Operating speed (guided) 1m/s (max)
S1 Length (travel) Upto 1,000mm
S2 Length (travel) Upto 30,000mm
S2 Guided Length (travel) Upto 30,000mm
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