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                    Electronica GS126 Optical Encoder Systems

                    The Electronica range of GS126 Glass Optical encoders implement a custom designed Opto-ASIC to enable it to operate in some of the harshest environments possible without compromising the quality of the output signals.

                    An ideal replacement or first fit encoder for manual machine tools, EDM, Wire-cut or applications where high resolution and accuracy are required at an affordable price.

                    Also see the MAGNA range of magnetic encoder systems.

                    Also available in GS126-11, a Glass Optical encoder specifically designed as a near direct replacement for legacy 40碌m period 11碌A optical encoders used both on older (Heidenhain) CNC applications and manual machine tools.
                    • Performance Optical encoder
                    • Custom ASIC technology.
                    • Easy to reverse reader-head cable entry
                    • Simple to install
                    • Lengths to 2400mm
                    • Resolutions to 0.1mm
                    • High traverse speeds to 2m/s
                    • Low over-travel of only 105mm
                    • Supplied with scale cover as standard
                    • Stainless steel armoured or PUR cable options
                    • Low profile.
                    • Periodic or single-point reference
                    • Ideal for OEM, first-fit or retrofit applications.
                    • Manufactured to ISO 9001:2000


                    Mechanical Specification
                    Technology Glass based Optical
                    Power +5V DC (+/-5%)
                    Current consumtion 150mA (typical)
                    Output signal RS422 (TTL)
                    IP protection class IP54
                    Operating temerature 0 - 50 degree
                    Max cable length 15m
                    Cable type Armoured
                    Performance Specification
                    Resolution 0.1碌m, 0.5碌m, 1碌m, 5碌m
                    Accuracy +/-5碌m, +/-10碌m
                    Repeat accuracy 1 resolution count
                    Referance mark Periodic (25mm spacing)
                    Single point option
                    Operating speed @ 1碌m 2m/s (max)
                    Operating speed @ 5碌m 2m/s (max)
                    Operating speed @ 0.1碌m 0.5m/s (max)
                    Reversable reader head Yes
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