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                  Electronica EL400 Series Displays

                  The EL400 Digital readout is ideal for first fit and retrofit applications. The rugged die-cast housing is complemented by a tactile keypad designed to keep those functions most needed at the fingertips of the operator. The DRO includes dedicated one-touch axis zero keys and a bright, clear, LED display with wide viewing angle that can be viewed in all light conditions.

                  Multiple encoder interface options are available to work with a wide variety of encoders including optical, magnetic and inductive encoder systems.

                  The 4-axes Mill versions allow for the internal summing of both Knee and Quill axes without the need for expensive additional external electronics.
                  • Machine type specific. Mill, Lathe or EDM
                  • 4 axis version for mills with internal summing for knee and quill*
                  • Probe interface included as standard
                  • Programmable machine default settings
                  • Clear wide-viewing angle display
                  • Quality international manufacture
                  • Ideal replacement for retrofit. Mulitple encoder interface options available
                  • IP67 magnetic encoders or optical encoders
                  • Enductive encoder option (Newall)
                  • Manufactured to ISO 9001:2000
                  • *4-axes encoder input, 3-axes display


                  Feature Mill Lathe Simple EDM
                  No. Axes 2, 3, 4 2, 3 2, 3 2
                  Display 7 LED 7 LED 7 LED 7 LED
                  USB Service STD STD STD STD
                  Auxiliary Port Optional Optional STD
                  Feature Mill Lathe Simple EDM
                  Half Funtion STD STD STD STD
                  Axis Home Reference STD STD STD STD
                  Machine Reference STD STD STD STD
                  One-touch axis zero STD STD STD STD
                  Linear Error Compensation STD STD STD STD
                  Segmented Compensation STD STD STD STD
                  Sub Datums STD STD STD
                  Tool Offsets STD
                  Bolt-Hole-Circle (PCD) STD STD
                  Arc Bolt Hole STD STD
                  Arc Contouring STD STD
                  Grid Hole Funtion STD STD
                  Taper Calculator STD
                  Internal Axis Summing STD STD
                  Vectoring Funtion STD
                  Line Hole Funtion STD STD
                  Calculator (Trigonometric) STD STD
                  Pre-set Depth STD
                  Encoder Fail Detect STD STD STD STD
                  Memory Backup STD STD STD STD
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